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Hello all.

I am looking for a few commissions all of the being Mai Tokiha and Shizuru Fujino/Viola from the Mai Hime/Otome franchise.

i need this to be done before December 8 and we want it to be of good quality,  so please reach out if your familiar with these characters with a price range for two lesbian women.

further details will be given in pm's if your interested.

again please be aware of these characters before you message.
Hello everyone,

im currently in the market for a 2 character piece of art, the background will be rather simple but the two characters will need to be well detailed with many homages to to specific games which I will go into greater details below.  This isn't open for Anime styled art.

this art will be used on the Outro of a start up YouTube channel.  I am willing to credit the artist in the first couple vids and do not plan to use it for any other purposes, but I need to have that ability should the need arise.

2 characters, Mario Galaxy esk round sphere with a luma type creature over one characters shoulder.

1st character.

female, dark red head in the vain of cover art Female Shepard from Mass Effect 3.  Body is covered in a Silver, Blue styled Armor from Odin in Final Fantasy VIII, she will have no helmet on.  she will have the sword from Legion the Legend of Exalibur stuck into the ground with her hands in front of her doing the same pose as Arthur from that box art.

2 character.

Male, standing slightly behind and to the right of the first character.  We want the face and head design to be based on Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes.  The clothes would be the normal Bsaa gear Chris has in RE5 accept the patch would have BTDB.

equipment would be, in the back hand a Halo style Assualt Rifle sitting on shoulder and the forward hand resting on the females Nearest shoulder showing they are friends and partners.  The hand would be cased in the Ehrgeiz glove that Zell Dintch from FF VIII uses.  Lima would be above his shoulder.

overall I'd like the characters to be equal with neither taking prominence in the picture.

lastly I'd like the channel name be added in somewhere to the picture, the name is DifferentBeat.

if you have any questions or offers please let me know.  
This might be the craziest thing I've ever put up here but I'm not really focused on Rei/Usagi that much anymore, don't get me wrong I still love them but they get so little use and I've actually found a few new pairing that I really love.

Sparia - Okay I talked trash on this show for years, and I hate Ezra with a passion. However this pairing is so magical and whats more the Community for it is to die for.  They aren't the biggest, but boy do they love the pairing and I'm totally with them.

Mai/Nao - I've had a love hate with Mai Hime for years, I love Mai with all that I am. She is an amazing lead character and while I've always felt that way I can't bring myself to enjoy her because I just don't like ShizNat, never have.

However I think I've largely made peace with that community and I can handle some ShizNat so long as I have MaiNao, because god damn it MaiNao is amazing.



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